Thursday, June 23, 2011

you say mexico, i say meh-ee-co (with a slight fist pump)

arrival libations and gatherings are the best part of any trip... the first night when everyone is arriving and no one is hungover yet, therefore bubbly flows out of control... as did camilla kaftans

beach party... caroline hedaya dress with halston heritage belt

beach party... which completely set the tone for the rest of the week - bring it!

sporting my layendeker and mawi... two must haves

just so you know... yes those are vintage, never been worn valentino pants worn by the bride to be on the far right... i die.

my dear manther dancing to a little michael jackson... there was three other guys that joined in on the tribute which made for a sensational mid-eve show

father of the bride with all the lovely ladies

rehearsal dinner evening

i am not quite sure if i am trying to dance here or carry on a conversation?

prior to the actual wedding some of the crew was fortunate enough to relax beach side at the couples beach front casista with our own personal infinity pool.... um, insane.

The TREASURE CHEST - arrived full of beer for the men and bottles of bubbly for the ladies

the necklace from a little shop in playa del carmen from all the girls for my 25th birthday
love it!! and the dress is a goodie... Jay Godfrey

the wedding was magnificent... held on the beach. then cocktail hour upstairs over looking the wedding party as they did all the photos.  manther is sporting a yummie armani jacket... secretly i will be sporting it as a boyfriend blazer soon.  

day of rest

so i know there are a lot of random photos here, with some random information, but it was hard to narrow it down.  we havent even seen the professional photos yet, which are going to be ah-maz-ing.  i think everyone should travel to the maya riviera... it is absolutely stunning and relaxing.  nothing like what i anticipated for a getaway wedding or mexico.  i will be traveling there again, hopefully sooner than later.


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