Thursday, September 22, 2011

picture of all of my favorite fab ladies in louisville.  these are the women (minus a few not present) that make everything oh so much better and oh so much fun!!  we are at the pink tie ball here supporting Susan G. Koman and Jac who was the head of the committee.

love ya girls

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sheer and divine

(image via ...Anyways)

i spotted this sensational number on a blog that i absolutely adore a. because it is always fun b. because one of the writers for the blog is a bad ass individual. 
any who, i am not exactly sure which designer this is... but i cannot stop gazing at this jaw dropping gown.  i am in love, head over heels.


do you think it would be to much for a barrister's ball? ha.
or maybe as a wedding gown?


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ants in my pants

( By Malene Birger - High Waisted Cords)

(Stone Cold Fox - Sunday Bell)

(Wild Fox - Freebird Hendrix Pants)

all images via

so, not really ants in my pants, but that is what immediately came to mind for some reason when i laid eyes on the wicked red cords... ah-maz-ing.  i figured since i have been a dutiful student this evening i would treat my self with a little perusing of randoms on shopstyle, and thankfully i am never disappointed.  i order the last image, the Wild fox Freebird Hendrix Pants... have a feeling they probably wont be warm, but nothing a pair of tights underneath wont fix. 

what pants are you craving for this fall/winter? 


Sunday, September 4, 2011

mohair + velvet = uncontrolable desire

(image via sister's of the black moon)
i have never, ever been so giddy or a piece from the Sister's of the Black Moon eBay store... i mean, seriously?! this is amazing, to die for, insane!! unfortunately i am horrible at keeping up with bidding on eBay - not this time... i will be damned if this is not in my closet for fall/winter.

what are your thoughts on this little mambo?