Thursday, March 31, 2011

fav five of the week...

(seafolly bathing suit)

white wedges, red nails, 60's round shades and a fab black 70's style wide brim hat
nothing like a throw back look while lounging pool side with the girls

(COTE image via my daily style)

lovin' the lines and minimalism of this new designer... the color combinations are dreamy for fuss less style.  the tension between the masculine and femininity of the line is nothing less of perfection
need the uber mini with bow in front, asap

(look via ASOS)

how freakin' adorable is she? love a shirt knotted at the tummy

(thursday friday)

this mambo has been one that i have been awaiting the arrival of...  it has finally arrived at Dressing Room in all three colors.  it is the perfect grab all, hold all bag for spring summer for sure!! comes in red (my bag's color), tan or blue (uber fun)

(jil sanders)

i have totally jumped on the band wagon of pops of color on top of more color... with the crazy weather we have been dealing with it has been my cure for needing spring to get here sooner than what mother nature planned for us.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

rose collar foundation

hello pretties

i am taking a moment to tell you lovelies about a Derby event that i am helping with, The Inaugural Rose Collar Derby Soiree which benefits the Rose Collar Foundation.  tickets may be purchased on the website.  i highly suggest that if you are in the bluegrass state for derby to stop by, May 5th for some bourbon, jazz, dancing and some amazing yummies provided by Majid's, a louisville gem.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


(image via oracle fox)

in love with these bad boys... i would pair them with a little white tee, huge floppy hat and some sexy colorful wedges and proceed to have a margarita in them... how would you style these beauties?

check out simply... gluten free
bad ass give away!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

five things i am digging this week...

1. beautiful, eccentric braids

(image via knightcat)

2. a fun spring color for the nails

(image via

3. my new leyendecker dress

(dress can be found at Dressing Room)

4. The Road of Lost Innocence
(crazy good)

(image via  

5. black little lace shorts by rory beca

(image via

green with envy

(image via

morning my little lepurchans, ha

so while goggling my way through inspirational green get ups to help me get through work, while everyone else has already started to drink green beer i stumbled upon this reduce/reuse/recycle website... sainsbury, a British supermarket is taking recycled goods from their customers and turning it into a clothing line that will be carried in over 250 stores (insane idea, that i love).  since supermarkets leave a rather thick carbon foot printing on our planet, i think that this is a fab idea, and she looks like a fashionista if i must say which is always a plus.

what do you think about this idea? are there any other countries/business trying to do similar things?


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

will you be my valentine, forever

(image via JAK & JIL blog)


a new reason to go all night... or day

(image via sephora)
hey there my pretties

i have found another beauty goodie - urban decay's all nighter.  the perfect product for any fashionista who is constantly on the go with no time to touch up the cheeks and/or carry all the necessary needs to keep you looking like you just walked out the door.  all nighter has been an absolute saver for me when i get off work late at night and headed to grab cocktails with my loves or when i literally have not stopped going for 12hrs...
the mist is uber fine, and drys in seconds
there is no extra weight from the product on your face
and your cheeks say sun kiss fresh or seductively flushed... which ever look you are going for that day.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

a 70's romance

the collection says 70's, romance, running around barefoot, day drinking,
and sun kissed skin

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

one of my new goodies

(image via sephora)
 hello loves

with my 25th birthday approaching within months my search for skin care products to ensure my youthfulness forever has gotten a little out of control.  i literally can sit on my computer and read the massive amounts of information out there about all the new products and all the amazing benefits they have and still not have a clue on what is right for me... it is horrid.  i must admit this is not how i found out about josie maran... while in line at sephora they box you in with all the sample sizes of their different products, it just isnt fair... i spend more money standing in line then when walking around shopping.  this is where i picked up josie maran daily moisturizer with SPF 40+ which contains argan oil.  i have crazy dry skin and this bad boy has wiped my skin into shape.  i am such a fan i had to share with you lovelies.  on top of balancing out my skin issues, they are a great company that supports women and fair trade, which made this product line way cooler in my book. 

pros:   has sephora's natural seal
               not greasy, heavy or oily
              safe enough to use on a baby's skin
              it is  a FAIR TRADE product!! (yay)

cons:  i haven't developed any issues with the product yet
         kind of has a perfume smell, which can throw some people off

what do you think about this product line? i think i going to try their pure argan oil next.


Monday, March 7, 2011

green art

(i will do anything)
(the white rabbit - alice and wonderland)

hey pretties

these are my three new pieces of art that i just ordered from fauxkiss on etsy.  i couldn't decide on just one, so i just got all three... plus when you order two or more pieces of her art work, she sends you a randomly selected one for free (love this idea).  her artwork is so playful and charismatic.  she takes vintage pages from books and dictionaries and then prints on them, it is a rather green and chic way to create some beautiful artwork.  i think i am going to go on a scavenger hunt around town to locate some cool vintage frames to keep with the theme of "reusing" to make something new.   i am planning on putting them in one of the boys bedrooms that i am in the process of finishing up the decor details (pictures to come when finished).  go check out her work and let me know which ones are your favs. 


Sunday, March 6, 2011