Monday, March 7, 2011

green art

(i will do anything)
(the white rabbit - alice and wonderland)

hey pretties

these are my three new pieces of art that i just ordered from fauxkiss on etsy.  i couldn't decide on just one, so i just got all three... plus when you order two or more pieces of her art work, she sends you a randomly selected one for free (love this idea).  her artwork is so playful and charismatic.  she takes vintage pages from books and dictionaries and then prints on them, it is a rather green and chic way to create some beautiful artwork.  i think i am going to go on a scavenger hunt around town to locate some cool vintage frames to keep with the theme of "reusing" to make something new.   i am planning on putting them in one of the boys bedrooms that i am in the process of finishing up the decor details (pictures to come when finished).  go check out her work and let me know which ones are your favs. 


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