Saturday, February 26, 2011

what is your tuesday like?

(christy in a camilla dress)

(camilla kaftan, target leggings, crazy old cowboy boots)

(mawi necklace)

(halston heritage cuff, ccskye wrap bracelet, iwood bangle)

hello, hello

louisville weather has been playing with my emotions, we had a couple days of beautiful sunshine and warm air, now it is back to depressing over cast and uber coldness - not so good.  i was going through some of my old, but goodie photos and located these and just had to post in hopes that it would bring some warmth back into my life.
this was a random tuesday off champagne sipping that turned into a fashion shoot, much like most of our adventures together while hanging out at the dressing room.  we had been viewing sister's of the black moon's website and were inspired... this is our version. what do you think? the final photo is julia, our photographer of the day and one of the sisters whom own dressing room.
love these girls and cannot wait for our next tuesday of fun when the weather!!


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