Wednesday, February 2, 2011

strawberry fields...

(shirt: tory burich; skirt: vintage st. johns; bralette: ammerican apparel;
 tights: target; boots: bakers) 

(vintage bangels and a ccskye wrap bracelet)

(hat: christina a. moore millinery)
i located this little goody at a local shop - luna boutique, which is in the highlands - first worn for the breeder's cup that took place back in november (i believe?) - one of my most favorite purchases... ever.  cannot wait to see which hats they recieve of christine a. moore's for derby

hello loves,

the other day i got into a discussion about what we would be like if we were from a different era... i know, sounds like a conversation one has when inebriated, but unfortuately that was not the case... just pure boredom while at work. my lovely friend decided that i would have been called strawberry fields... a 70's groupie. i of course feel in love with this alter ego of mine from the 70's and decided that i had to capture "her" essence in a photo shoot.  if i had been a 70's groupie this is most definitely what i think i would have dressed like... floppy hats with feathers, bangels and rings galore and lots of sheer action.

what would have been your alter ego  from another decade?

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