Monday, January 24, 2011

weekend getaway

hello lovers

david and i traveled to birmingham, AL this past weekend - perfect timing - louisville was getting plummeted with snow the day we were leaving.  david had to push my car at least 50 yards up a hill (small one at that) just to get out of our neighborhood.
this is a small collection of photos from our weekend getaway (forgot the camera at home), enjoy....

(silvertron's black bean and roasted tomato burger and
vegetarian french onion soup)

(silvertron's pork shanks with gremolata over cheese grits)
 we stumbled upon this restaurant located in Forest Park, an area in birmingham located close to UAB... silvertron is a must experience stop either while traveling too or through birmingham.  the name comes from the television store that originally called home to the location.  the black bean and tomato burger was mine...A-MAZ-ING... there is nothing like a freshly made black bean burger with chunks of beans, tomato's and other goodies in the patty.  now on to the vegetarian french onion soup - (i am a pescetarian if we must be politically correct in labeling on eating habits) i have a soft spot for vegetarian french onion soup, it is like anything backless, i must have it; and as expected this soup did not disappoint. 
david, my pork loving asian ooohhed and ahhhed over his lunch, devoured every bit.  i did snatch up a bite of the cheese grits, which turned out to be a gritty and cheesy sensation on my taste buds.

(patron margarita)

need i say any more?!

(late 1950's feather turban hat)

thanks to my fabulous girlfriend, natalie who recommended zoe, a vintage store located in Forest Park as well, was uber fun - they have everything from shoes, to bags, jewelry and the clothing selection was time consuming... everything from fur (great prices) to 1970's wide legs pants (unfortunately way to short on me) and dresses galore.  i spotted this hat pretty much within the first 5 minutes of being in the store, wasn't quite sure how i felt about it and then i tried it on just as we were finishing up, needless to say it came home with me.  cannot wait for it to make its grand appearance soon out and about.  
on another note for men, they have a great selection of jeans - david walked out with three pairs of paper denim for an amazing price, other than that i didn't get to see what else was going on in the men's department, i was rather over whelmed with all of the fancy items for women.

(random penguin)

not sure what this little guy is made of or who the artist even is, just thought he was too cute

any recommendations for our next trip down to birmingham, AL?


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  1. umm. the feather hat is unbelievably to die for. cant wait to see it in action. xo