Sunday, January 9, 2011

how thick is your stash

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(julia, sarah, natalie and me)

(julia and tiff)
hello, hello

so one of my girlfriends celebrated her 24th day of birth this week - what better way to celebrate than with a little mexican fiesta... and some dirty stashes too, of course!!  the game plan was a night of poker, but a bottle of patron later we were sucked in by the game loaded questions were we learned one of us in the group doesn't enjoy online shopping - who knew that was physically possible?  we devoured baja fish tacos, some dirty good guacamole/salsa concoction and these lovely little spicy shrimp thanks to natalie.  for dessert i crafted dark chocolate cupcakes with a strawberry puree and champagne butter cream... these bad boys were amazing, unfortunately i got a little champagne happy with the butter cream and it caused the powder sugar to separate from the strawberry puree, they were the weirdest looking cupcakes.

anyone know any other kinds of recipes with champagne in them? i just love cooking with it...


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